A Century of Campus Maps

“In this book, you will have a front-row seat to watch
the campus develop over the past century. But the university is much more than its physical campus. It is people, and the people who built this university come alive under the deft pen of author Ellen Schoeck.”

Eric P Newell, OC, AOE, LLD Hon, PEng, Chancellor
and Board Chair Emeritus.

“I have been flipping through it and it is great!”

Keaton Seaby, PEng and Edmonton Influencer

University of Alberta : A Century of Campus Maps

This book was published by the Bookstore and supported by Provost Carl Amrhein.

One day in 2006 after I Was There made its debut, Carl asked me if there was anything else I wanted to write about. Answer: yes. Campus maps and U of A crests. The U did not have records of these two items. I had found the very first map of campus hanging in the old Archives. I also had found another early map, published on tissue paper, folded up in an old Calendar. A friend from the former Facilities unit gave me a copy of an architect’s drawing of campus that he had taken from a garbage bin.

I was on the hunt for more maps and crests and had help from the former Creative Services, where Dennis Weber brought aged maps and crests to life. And there are more student stories in the Maps Book.

PS. At the end of Book 2’s design process, Dennis and I found that we had 2 empty, internal pages. What to do? We inserted photos of three heritage trees and told their stories: the Garneau tree; the Fahlman tree; and the Tuck Shop tree.

Find this book at Audrey’s Books.

This hand-drawn 1908 map shows muskeg, poplar bush and one large open area. It is in this one open area that Assiniboia, Athabasca and Pembina Halls were built.